Large Batik Animal Notebook – LNB2

Handmade Batik Animal Notebooks - from Kenya.

These quirky exercise notebooks have been handcrafted in Kenya from tree fibre fabric with batik bone animals and porcupine quill decoration to the front.  Each one takes a standard exercise book refill so you can continously replace as needed.  They are beautifully sewn and finished by a Masai working cooperative in Nairobi, Kenya - so a fairtrade wage paid to all workers.  Due to the amount of work and the expensive materials, these notebooks are not cheap but they make a wonderful, lasting gift to be enjoyed for many years. Even better given with one of our batik wood pens!

Very slight variations from the photo may occur as they are all handmade.2016-10-25-16-51-47 2016-10-25-16-52-06

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