Kikoy Towel – KKT7

African Kikoy (Kikoi) Towel - Sarong or Throw in Natural with Navy Broad Stripe

KIKOY TOWEL - New to our range, we are introducing the KIKOY TOWEL from Kenya.  2014-09-10 10.47.42The versatile, everlasting Kikoy now comes with a towel lining and is the perfect item for your beach or pool holiday.  Wear it as a sarong but let it dry you at the same time; Kikoys are the ultimate in African accessories.  Not only ideal for wearing as a sarong on the beach, they also double up as a scarf, tablecloth, picnic rug, beach wrap, bedspread, or colourful furniture throw. Kikoys are multi-functioning as both a garment/cloth and fantastic for back-packers or anyone who needs to travel light; they have adorned many generations of East Africans and were once used as a unit of currency for the people of the Kenyan coast and interior.  Made in Africa for Africa, they are now much sought after worldwide.

These brand new Kikoy Towels from Kenya come in a variety of bright or darker

Price: £24.95

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