Kikoy – Orange Multi Narrow Stripe KK4

Kikoy - The ultimate in African accessories and a cult item for gap year travellers! Made in Africa for Africa, they are now much sought after worldwide. Every woman (and man!) should own a kikoy - not only ideal for wearing as a sarong on the beach, they also double up as a scarf, tablecloth, picnic rug, beach towel, bedspread, or colourful furniture throw. In beautiful sunny colours, Kikoys have adorned many past generations of East Africans for whom these prized textiles were also once used as a unit of currency.


Made from 100% lightweight soft cotton yarn which has been grown and spun in Kenya. Each kikoy is unique in that the looms are threaded by craftsmen, who make their kikoys rather like a Persian carpet, with minute differences in each batch of looming. Once woven, each kikoy is then finished with a hand-knotted fringe.


Price: £16.95

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