Small 8″ Olive Wood Circular Salad/Aperitif Bowl – WB8

An attractive circular olive wood salad or aperitifs bowl with inlaid batik bone detail .  These bowls are approximately 8" (20cm) in diameter, large enough to serve salad for 2 people and great as a snack bowl also.  They make a great decorative centrepiece when not in use.

These bowls are made in the village of Makindu on the slopes of the Chullu Mountains in Eastern Kenya; the wood craftsmen and women here have formed a cooperative to ensure they share and receive a fair wage. Several designs of batik inlay are available - stripes, way lines, spot etc. Please message when ordering if you have a preference.

These items can be handwashed or wiped clean with normal washing-up detergent and water.  It is advisable to occasionally rub some olive oil into the wood to keep it in prime condition.


Price: £14.95

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